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Founded in February 2013, Creditwalk.ca is the most comprehensive research resource available on the internet for Canadian credit cards. To many people, credit cards can be an investment, the decisions you make today when acquiring cards will affect the value and usability of these points in the future. Creditwalk takes consumer goals such as accumulating rewards, the best use of these rewards, travel hacks or minimizing credit card interest paid, into account when developing content. Through our desktop and mobile web platforms, users can make well thought out decisions on rewards and credit card planning with Creditwalk.

Al (The Pointster):

I am The Pointster. I have a passion for saving money. Over the past several years, I have honed my skills at finding the most cost effective ways of doing things. I write on Creditwalk to share that knowledge with all of you.

I have helped many of my friends save hundreds and thousands of dollars by making small one time changes to the products that they use. The biggest savings come from financial services, phone services and travel as well as understanding how to get the best prices on regular consumer goods.

I am a Canadian, brought up in Toronto’s suburbs. After getting a Math degree from the University of Waterloo, I moved to Boston where I worked for 7 years. I saw the many opportunities to use my skills to save money there. I recently moved back to Toronto and decided that I wanted to bring some of the knowledge I gained to the Canadian market.

The Pointster’s posts will focus on getting the big wins in advanced personal finance. Although valuable, I won’t spend time talking about how to make a budget or telling you to buy stuff when it is on sale. I’ll spend my energy showing you how to get much more significant returns.

Feel free to contact me with any advanced personal finance and travel hacking questions you may have. I love trying to find a solution to a real problem.


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