The American AAdvantage Program


AAdvantage is the frequent flyer miles program for American  Airlines.

My value of a mile $0.019
Alliance One World
Major partner airlines British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Air, LAN, Iberia
Award Chart One World Award Chart LinkAmerican Airlines Award Chart Link

 Earn Miles Partners:

  • Credit cards from RBC Avion (Canada)
  • Credit cards from Citibank (USA)
  • Transfers from Starwood Hotels

 Best Uses of American AAdvantage Miles

  • Adding free one-way domestic flights to an overseas flight by taking a stopover in your North American gateway city
    • Ie, if you live in Chicago, book a one way North America – Europe trip as San Francisco – London and take your stopover in Chicago (for as long as you want) as long as you leave North America from Chicago
  • Off-peak awards to Europe and North Asia for large portions of the year
    • Use the free one-way trick and stopovers to start your journey during the off-peak time and it allows you to travel overseas for the off-peak fare even during peak season


In general, taxes are low for most American Airlines award redemptions. Redemptions for flights on British Airways will incur fuel surcharges, so it is best to avoid flights on British Airways where possible.

Tips and Tricks for AAdvantage Redemptions

  • All awards are priced as one-way awards
  • Round trip awards are just the combination of 2 one way awards
  • Stopovers can only be taken in your North American gateway city (the city that you depart or enter North America)
  • If you live in a city that has overseas flights on One World carriers (American Airlines or British Airways), you should book your rewards flights with your stopover in your home city
  • Example: If you live in Toronto and are planning a trip to Hong Kong at some point and a few months later a trip to Miami, book your award ticket as:

Hong Kong – Toronto
Toronto – Miami

  • This will be the same fare (in miles) as Hong Kong – Toronto and the same as Hong Kong – Miami, as long as your first point of entry in North America is Toronto.

American AAdvantage contact information:

Tel Number: 1-800-882-8880


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