The United MileagePlus Program

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United MileagePlus is the frequent flyer miles program for United.

My value of a mile $0.019
Alliance Star Alliance
Major partner airlines Air Canada, US Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, ANA, Singapore
Award Chart United MileagePlus Award Chart Link

 Earn Miles Partners:

  • Credit cards from Chase (USA)
  • Transfers from Starwood Hotels

 Best Uses of United MileagePlus Miles

  • Adding a free one-way flight to any award ticket that is not wholly in a single zone
    • Ie, if you live in Toronto and want to go roundtrip to China, book your flight as Toronto-Shanghai, Shanghai-Miami, with a stopover (for as long as you like) in Toronto
  • Double open-jaw awardsOne-way tickets priced at ½ the price of a roundtrip
    • Ie, the same award could be Toronto-Shanghai, Beijing-Miami, with a stopover in Toronto


Taxes are generally quite low for most United Airlines redemptions

Tips and Tricks for MileagePlus Redemptions

  • All awards are priced as one-way awards
  • Round trip awards are just the combination of 2 one way awards
    • When you combine 2 one-way awards that are both not wholly within a single zone (ie 2 one-ways each between any 2 different zones), you are afforded a single stopover anywhereIf you take this stopover in your home city, you can essentially get the free one-way
  • Exploiting award chart differences by stopping over in your home area, en route to a cheaper zone
    • Ie. Asia-Hawaii is cheaper than Asia-North America. Book one of your ways as Beijing-Honolulu with your stopover in Vancouver to get Beijing-Vancouver for a mileage discount
  • Use double open-jaws to act as free stopovers for region tours
    • Ie. If you are traveling through Europe, land in one city and depart from another city in Europe
  • Put your award on hold by using the “pay by phone” option when in the final step of booking
    • Your award will be held for up to 24 hours to give you a chance to call in to give your credit card information

United MileagePlus contact information:

Tel Number: 1-800-421-4655


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