Bellingham Airport


About Bellingham Airport (BLI)

Bellingham Airport is a small airport about 20 minutes drive from the Canada-US border near Vancouver. For residents of Vancouver, especially the southern suburbs, Bellingham is a great option for flying from. In some cases, BLI might actually be closer than YVR.

There are a few airlines that fly from Bellingham airport, namely: Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines. Service is limited to a few Hawaiian destinations, and a few cities on the west coast.


4255 Mitchell Way
Bellingham, WA 98226
Tel:  360-676-2500​


Bellingham will likely be your cheaper alternative to Vancouver’s International Airport. In all likelihood, for destinations that are served, Bellingham is going to be cheaper than either Vancouver or Seattle.

Since Bellingham is so close to Vancouver and so easy to get to, I set a savings threshold of $25 / person / way over Vancouver for it to be worthwhile.


From the Vancouver area, Bellingham is not very far. The options for getting there include driving your own personal car, taking a shuttle, bus, train or personal taxi. Fares can be as low as $15, but the more realistic option would be the shuttle for ~$25.


If you drive your own car, parking can be had for as low as $5 / day. Unfortunately, you will have to book your parking with the specific airport lot.


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