Detroit Airport

Detroit Airport

About Detroit Airport (DTW)

Detroit Metro Airport (Wayne County) is a probably my favorite airport to fly through in the US. It is about 20 minutes drive from Windsor and about 2 hours drive from London ON. For people who live in Southwestern Ontario, this is not only a great alternative, this is probably the closest major airport.

Detroit is a major hub for Delta Airlines as well as Spirit Airlines. All the major North American airlines as well as some major international airlines offer service to Detroit, with service to every major city in North America, and many in Europe, Asia and even South America.


2500 W G Rogell Dr
Detroit, MI 48242,
Tel: 734-247-7678


Detroit is going to be the airport you likely choose because the other airports in Southwestern Ontario simply don’t have the service to destinations you want. Often flights from London or Kitchener will fly into Detroit to access all the destinations. The consideration is likely going to be between a long drive to Toronto (Pearson) vs a long drive to Detroit, in which the flight from Detroit will likely be cheaper.


From many of the cities in Southwestern Ontario, the best way to get to Detroit is to drive your own personal car. There is a shuttle service offered from London ON. From Windsor ON, local taxi services are reasonably priced. Greyhound buses also offer service to Detroit city, which require you to get to the airport through other means.

The fares range from $20 – $80 for public services and take anywhere from 30 minutes (from Windsor), 2.5 hours (from London) or even up to 4 hours (from Waterloo).


If you drive your own car, parking can be had for as low as $6 / day. You can book in advance at About Airport Parking to guarantee your rate.

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