Niagara Falls Airport


About Niagara Falls Airport (IAG)

Niagara Falls Airport is a very small airport about 15 minutes drive from the Rainbow Bridge and the Canadian border. For people in Southern Ontario, flying out of Niagara Falls airport can make some sense. Although, being less than a 30 minutes drive from Buffalo Airport, most Canadians will likely opt to simply fly out of BUF where there are significantly more flights.

There are only 2 commercial airlines that fly out of Niagara Falls airport: Spirit Air and Allegiant Air. Service is limited to a few destinations in Florida and South Carolina.


2035 Niagara Falls Blvd
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
Tel: 716-297-4494


Niagara Falls is going to be your cheaper alternative to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and also potentially Buffalo Airport. The 2 carriers that fly out of Niagara Falls are generally considered “no-frills” carriers and tend to have to win on price. For those interested in going to Florida for cheap, Niagara Falls Airport can make a lot of sense.

Something to consider is that there will be significant time savings at the airport when flying out of Niagara Falls. Compared with Toronto Pearson, there could be up to 1 hour time savings. It appears that security at Niagara Falls is so fast that staff are only called immediately before flights leave, and the same holds true for concessions.

I set a savings threshold of $50 / person / way over Toronto Pearson for it to be worthwhile.


From Toronto, Niagara Falls airport is between 1 – 1.5 hours away. The options for getting there include driving your own car, taking the greyhound bus or personal taxi. Greyhound buses run for about $20 from downtown Toronto, which is the same price as the bus to Buffalo Airport.


If you drive your own car, parking can be had for $10 / day, with a maximum price of $50 / week. The only parking that I am aware of is on the airport grounds, so you will just have to show up and park the car there.

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