Toronto couple who got cheated regret the day they signed their TD loan

Here’s how two honest, hard-working folks from Toronto got cheated and burned by their car dealership and TD.

Angie Hauser and Enzo Gamarra felt uncomfortable with the 25% interest loan that TD offered them – but at their car dealership’s urging, they signed the papers.

Their dealership stressed to them that this was their only available option, as they had previously declared bankruptcy. In addition, they promised the couple that if they met their payments on time for a year, they would be able to secure another loan, this time at a much lower interest rate.

Trusting their dealership, Angie and Enzo scrimped and saved, going to great lengths to make sure that they could meet the monthly payments. But what they DIDN’T know was that their dealership had lied to them.

After a long, hard year of carefully proportioning their income and rationing whatever resources they had, the couple went to TD, eager to get their loan revised. That’s when everything started to unravel at their feet.

When the loan officer told them he wasn’t even aware that TD could charge an interest rate as exorbitant as 25%, the couple was stunned.

After an unbelievably tough year of counting every penny and stressing out over putting food on the table for their four-year-old daughter, Angie and Enzo were now learning that their nightmare had only just begun.

Even the loan officer agreed that the 25% interest rate was ridiculous – but that didn’t help; neither did all the pleading in the world. TD refused to alter the terms of the loan, and the couple were stuck with paying the original interest rate of 25%, for a total of SEVEN years.

It’s unimaginable that dealerships and banks around Canada are getting away with this. The truth, however, is that thousands of honest, working-class Canadians are getting cheated out of their hard-earned money every single day – simply because they’re not aware that they have other options.

Here’s what dealerships will NEVER tell you – even if you have bad credit, no credit, or have been bankrupt, you can still qualify for a decent interest rate, and certainly not anything as outrageous as 25%.

To protect themselves, car buyers should ALWAYS check out alternative financing platforms such as With more options to choose from, car buyers can avoid being victimized by car dealerships and banks like how Angie and Enzo were.

Do yourself a favor and get a free quote in a matter of seconds. Your car dealership won’t be able to scam you with sky-high interest rates once you have your quote for comparison.

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