Banks Furious With CBC For Revealing Debt Write Offs That Could Save THOUSANDS

For people struggling with more than $10,000 of debt, there could be a way to settle your debts for up to 70% less of what you owe …

Canadian banks are angry. That’s because the CBC recently did a story on real solutions for consumers who have a large amount of debt, and are struggling with financial hardship. The truth is, Canadians in $10,000 or more in debt could legally “write off” up to 70% of their outstanding balances.

Why would this make the banks upset? Many people struggling are forced to borrow more just to make ends meet. The banks, and other lenders, make billions off of personal and payday loans, and credit cards. Not only are they agreeing to accept less than they’re owed, you take back control of your debt and hold onto your hard earned money.

On top of that, wages are simply not keeping pace with the cost of living, putting an unfair burden on people who are struggling to put food on the table and pay essential bills. Every week we see thousands of households struggling to keep up with their essential bills and credit repayments. Many families are having to make choices between paying the rent and feeding their kids. Thankfully, Canadians struggling with debt now have a real solution.

The Solution To Your Debt Problems

Companies such as, offer a way out by helping Canadians reduce the total debt they owe by 40 to 75%. has resolved millions of dollars in consumer debt and helped thousands of ordinary Canadians regain control of their debt. To find out if you qualify, you simply have to answer a few questions about your debt.

  1. Have up to 75% of your unsecured debt legally written off
  2. Substantially reduce your monthly bill payments
  3. Interest and late payment charges are instantly frozen
  4. Creditors are forced to stop all communication with you
  5. You make just one monthly payment for all of your debts
  6. You will keep your assets including your home and your car

Don’t stay stuck in debt just because you don’t know how to get started or you’re afraid of making the wrong move. Start today and end your struggles with debt.

Find Out For Free How Much You Could Write Off. Here’s How You Do It:

Step 1: Simply tap your age below & answer the qualifying questions on the next page

Step 2: Once you answer a few painless questions, you will be able to see how much debt you are eligible to write off!

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