7 Products That Will Keep Your Valuables Secure While Travelling

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7 Products That Will Keep Your Valuables Secure While Travelling

We’ve told you all about our favourite packing hacks to save you time space and money, but what about saving your valuables from theft and intrusion? It’s time to travel smarter, safer and more secure. We don’t like to say that the world is dangerous and you should always think about being a victim of theft, but we do believe that taking extra steps towards security can potentially save you a lot of anger and frustration on the road. Here are 5 products that you should always travel with so that your important gear stays with you and not in the hands of a snatcher.

1. Zipper Locks

This simple, basic locking mechanism can save you from would-be thieves on buses, planes, trains and in your hotel room. If you’re leaving your zippers unlocked when your bag is not right next to you, then you’re just asking for trouble. It takes 2 seconds to put in your combo and lock your zippers up when you are sleeping, or when you leave your bag in your hotel room, so take the time and have peace of mind that opportunistic thieves will probably be thwarted by your efforts (if you also use the next tip).

Lewis N. Clark TSA Cable Lock, Black

Click Here to buy on Amazon for $12.

2. Chain & Lock

There’s really not much point in locking your zippers and leaving your hotel room or falling asleep on a train if your backpack isn’t locked down. A bag snatcher could easily just take your entire bag with them and then figure out how to break into it in the privacy of their own home (or secret bandit layer). Chaining your bag to a fixed bed post or a train table will probably help you to sleep better at night and doing the same in your hotel room will help you to feel better when you’re out.

Travel Accessories Lockdown Triple Security Lock

We always lock our bag to something when we don’t have our eye on our backpack and if we had followed these first two tips while we were travelling in Tajikistan, we would have never had $1,500 stolen from us.

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3. Backpack Mesh

This is the extreme version of the above 2 security methods and if you travel with a backpack mesh, you’ll be carrying around a heavy and awkward item in order to keep your bag safe. Having said that, we know many travellers who use this steel mesh and swear by it. Basically it goes over the entire bag and then locks to a fixed post so that nobody can move or get into your pack. We personally think there are better ways to keep your bag secure (see the bonus hack at the bottom of this post).

Pacsafe 55L Backpack and Bag Protector, Silver, One Size

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4. GPS Tracker

These things are brilliant! You just have to buy a SIM card and put it into the tracker, and make sure that you keep the tracker charged (some batteries can last up to 5 days), then place the tracker in your most valuable bag so that you’ll know where it is at all times. To locate your precious pack, simply send a text message to the device and it will reply with precise GPS coordinates of where the tracker (and your bag) is located.


This device isn’t just for stolen packs, it’s also a great thing to have when the airline looses your bag. You can ease your panicking mind by checking in on the whereabouts of your backpack in real-time.

Click Here to buy on Amazon for $130.

5. Secret Underwear

These James Bond boxers allow you to store your loot where nobody is likely to look… in your underwear! A small pocket sewn into the waste band of the briefs allows you to hide upwards of $500 in your skivvies. It would be very strange if a robber asked to check your underwear for extra money, so these special shorts could come in handy.

Click Here to buy these on Amazon for $25.

6. Theft-Proof Wallet

It’s amazing how a small tether can be such a effective deterrent for pickpockets. All you really need is to tie your wallet to your body and you’ll probably be safe from slight-of-hand thievery, but real theft-proof wallets take security to the next level.

These days, with RIF Chip technology in our Travel Credit Cards and debit cards, we are more susceptible than ever to no-touch data theft. The chip contains all of our personal, sensitive information and identity thieves are able to access this information from up to 10 feet away with the help of an RFID reader. Theft-proof wallets (like the one picture below) are able to stop these wireless, hands-free robbers in their tracks.

Click Here to buy this wallet on Amazon for $35.

7. Find My Mac App

For most backpackers, travellers and holidaymakers, our laptops and smart devices are the most valuable items that we travel with. That is why it is very important that you download and enable this priceless (and free) application. If you’re ever separated from your beloved smartphone or Macbook, you can track it using this app and hopefully get it back in your hands… where it belongs.

8. BONUS – Numinous Theft-Proof Backpack

The ultimate anti-theft bag and the one that we now carry, the Numinous backpack line has pretty much all of the bag security features that you could ask for. Anti-slash technology, lockable zippers and a steel tie-down cables mean that you can stop carrying around the first 3 items on this list, because they’re built right into this bag.

Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Backpack, 55 Liter

On top of those features, the bag has lots of hidden pockets and puncture proof zippers which mean that even if someone got a hold of your bag, they’d have a hard time getting inside of it. These things are like portable safes and you can pick them up on Amazon for around $300 US.

What travel items, gadgets and gear to you carry to make sure that your protected against thievery on the road? Please share with us in the comments below so that we can all travel safer and smarter.

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