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6 years ago

Booking a Hotel using Priceline – Overview

Booking a Hotel using Priceline – Overview

Priceline is a great way to access unused rooms through Name Your Own Price and Express Deals
Name your own price lets YOU dictate a price
Express Deals offers you a price at which you can buy the hotel
You buy a hotel based solely on neighbourhood, star level and dates
You find out the actual hotel once the reservation is made
Rooms a non-refundable once a reservation is made
Savings can be higher than 50% off rack rates in some situations

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6 years ago

Aeroplan Hacking – Using Stopovers Creatively

Aeroplan Hacking – Using Stopovers Creatively

The ability to use stopovers on award flights can save you significant amounts of money. There area few cases when the stopover feature can be used to your advantage:

Making a trip with the intention of visiting 2 places (natural stopover)
Reducing taxes and fees
Circumventing routing rules to open up award availability
Combining 2 disjointed trips with your home airport as a stopover (creative stopover)


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