Saving Money on Groceries – Example

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Saving Money on Groceries – Example

This is an article in a series of articles on saving money on groceries:

The Skinny

Groceries can cost a lot, but don’t have to. Here are some of the ways to save on staples:

This article shows an example of how to combine these 3 simpler strategies, giving you a discount for very little effort.

Simpler Strategies:

  • Price-matching (made easier using the Flipp app)
  • Store loyalty programs
  • Using the right credit card

Advanced strategies (next article):

  • Gift card gaming
  • Couponing

Now I’m going to show you how you can combine these to get the best deals.


In the series on discounting groceries, here is an example on how to put together a few strategies into a tangible example.

As mentioned, these are not the “basic personal finance” type of tools, but more something I would recommend to a young professional. who likely has enough money that they dont want the headaches of couponing but would shop strategically at the grocery store.


Double-dipping and Triple-dipping

I mentioned that there are different ways to get a discount.

  • Front-end discount
    • Reducing what you end up paying at the store
  • Back-end rebates
    • Getting some amount back after you have left the store

This example will show how we take advantage of a front-ended discount to lower the price paid at the store but also take advantage of a back-end discount to get some of that amount paid back as a second discount.


Stores in Toronto Area (review)

Here is a list of the Grocery stores in Toronto

I live in Toronto and I will discuss this in terms of the stores that are in the Toronto area. Here is a list of the stores and their price-matching policy, loyalty program and whether they accept American Express cards or not.


Store Parent Company Price-Matching Loyalty Program Accept American Express
Loblaws Loblaw Inc (President’s Choice) No PC Plus No
Canadian Superstore Loblaw Inc (President’s Choice) Yes PC Plus No
No Frills Loblaw Inc (President’s Choice) Yes PC Plus No
Sobeys Sobeys Inc No Air Miles Yes
Freshco Sobeys Inc Yes No
Metro Metro Inc No Air Miles Yes
Food Basics Metro Inc No Yes
Longo’s Longo’s No No Yes


Triple-dipping example

Here is an example of a situation where we might use three strategies to create a triple-dip at my preferred grocery store, Real Canadian Superstore. At Superstore, you can combine the following:

– Price matching using the flipp app (Link)
– The PC Plus in-store loyalty program (link)
– Optimized credit-card for grocery stores (Link)

To the dismay of my wife, I buy a lot of cookies. They’re on sale at Walmart this week, but this example shows how I would get them for even cheaper at Superstore.

  • Item: 6 boxes of Chips Ahoy Cookies
  • Regular Price at Superstore: $3.99 / box
  • Price at Walmart: $1.67 / box
  • PC Plus discount: 400 points ($0.40) for every $2 spent

What we would do is pricematch the cookies at Superstore to the $1.67 price at Walmart.


Flipp App Cookies

Cookies on sale at Walmart this week from the Flipp app on my phone


When we show our PC Plus card, we would receive an extra $0.40 for every $2 spent after the fact. Assuming we bought 6 boxes of cookies, we would receive an extra $2.40 back in PC Points. Tack on an extra percent or 2 by using the right credit card for the triple dip.

PC Plus Nabisco Cookies 40 PC point


Here’s the math (for 6 boxes of cookies):

Superstore Purchase
(no Pricematch)
Walmart Purchase Superstore Purchase
(with Pricematch)
Base Price (1 box) $3.99 $1.67 $3.99
Base Price (6 boxes) $23.94 $10.02 $23.94
PriceMatch Discount $- $- $ (13.92)
Price Paid at Store $23.94 $10.02 $10.02
PC Plus Points Rebate $(4.79) $ – $(2.00)
Total Price $19.15 $10.02 $ 8.02
Optimal credit card points $ (0.96) $ (0.20) $ (0.40)
(Scotia Momentum Infinite 4% at grocery) (MBNA World Elite 2% on all purchases) (Scotia Momentum Infinite 4% at grocery)
Total Price $18.19 $9.82 $7.62



Combining the 3 simpler strategies of price matching, store loyalty programs, and using the right credit card can help you to get the best deal and be more convenient.






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